Brookhaven Blight to Light

Brookhaven Blight to Light

Incentives for Re-Development in the Town of Brookhaven
By Brown & Altman, LLP

On April 26, 2010, at Stony Brook University’s Charles D. Wang Center, the Town of Brookhaven’s Supervisor, Mark Lesko, announced his proposal to eliminate suburban blight within the Town. The Supervisor named his new initiative “Blight to Light”, an incentive driven plan intended to compensate developers who redevelop “blighted” properties within the Town. Supervisor Lesko hopes this plan will be the spark that ignites a re-development trend within the Town and eliminate certain blighted properties.

Supervisor Lesko, along with the Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency (“IDA”), premiered their film, “Blight to Light”, which illustrates how opportunities can be created out of blighted properties. Under the Supervisor’s plan, blighted properties include, but are not limited to, empty retail strips, a former racetrack and the Ronkonkoma train station. Blighted properties have been identified as having a significant negative impact on the communities in which they are located. Nonetheless, Supervisor Lesko stated in his Press Release that “blighted properties provide the best opportunity for re-development” and that the Town has developed a package of wide ranging incentives to entice the private sector to act upon.

Blight to Light Incentive Packages:
1 – Illuminated Incentive Package
2 – Bright Incentive Package
3 – Radiant Incentive Package
4 – Brilliant Incentive Package

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