Commercial Transactions

commercial real estate project COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS

Commercial Transactions

Brown Altman & DiLeo has extensive financing experience in multi-family housing projects, workforce housing, mixed-income housing, luxury housing, and community development projects. We work with federal, state, and local authorities to guide project owners and developers, investors, public and private lenders, and government entities through the complex regulatory and financing requirements needed to close a new deal or restructure a troubled asset.

We work with developers, lenders and borrowers in acquisitions, capital funding, divestitures, and joint ventures for multi-family housing, commercial, retail, and industrial properties. Brown Altman & DiLeo’s team of commercial transactional attorneys can help you navigate the core of the legal rules governing financial business dealings. We specialize in all types of commercial transactions, including specialized areas of law such as:

  • Asset Based Lending
  • Conventional and Nonconventional Lending
  • Lease Based Financing
  • IDA Financing
  • SBA Financing

The goal of a commercial transaction is to provide clear expectations and responsibilities of the parties at the start of the transaction and offer remedies if one of the parties breaches or can no longer perform its obligations for any reason. Economic values such as materials, products and services are transmitted to an entity who need those services and are willing to pay a counter value, usually money.